Please check out prices and samples below, and also make sure to read my terms of service! I accept payments through paypal and ko-fi!
These are the base prices for non-commercial commissions only, and
complex compositions would increase the price.

For commercial commissions (ex: book cover, banner for a youtube account that employs ads) there is also an increase in price, contact me to know more.

Please tell me if you have any questions! You can use the Commission Template in the Contact Me section filled out to make your order! :)



1 Emote

4 Emote


$15 USD+

$55 USD+




Chibi + BG and add mascot


$18+ USD

$35+ USD



1 character bust

1 character half-body

1 character full-body

2 characters bust

2 characters half body

2 characters full body


$6 USD

$12 USD

$18 USD

$9 USD

$18 USD

$21 USD



Flat colour portrait

Simple colour portrait

Rendered B&W Portrait

Rendered colour portrait


$35+ USD

$50+ USD

$60+ USD

$70+ USD


Flat colour half-body

Simple colour half-body

Rendered colour half-body


$65+ USD

$80+ USD

$110+ USD


Flat colour full-body

Simple colour full-body

Rendered colour full-body


$85+ USD

$110+ USD

$150+ USD


Payment : Payment must be made within 48 hours of the invoice being sent by Paypal, PicPay or Bank Deposit (for brazilian customers). Write in the Commission Template whether you are planning to pay all upfront (with this option I can send you high res progress shots) or 50% deposit (I will send you low res progres shots and will only send the high res final product upon receiving full payment)

Refund Policy : After the first draft has been sent to the commissioner, if the commissioner wishes to cancel the commission, the 50% deposit will not be refunded. If the commission is already in the colouring stage, no refunds will be given whatsoever.

Complexity fees : Complexity fees in addition to the base price may be charged depending on the complexity of the design / pose / composition for the commission. Backgrounds also have an additional fee.

Additional fees: Additional characters are either the same price as the first character (for chibis) or they are 80% of the price of the first character (regular rendered). If you have a deadline for the commission and require a fast turnaround, that will have an additional rush fee.

Edits : Edits will NOT be made for sketch comissions. For regular comissions, edits can be made during the sketch drafting phase of the commission as long as the edits do not end up making the commission more complicated or detailed than what was agreed upon in the commission (unless you are happy to pay for the additional fees). Maximum of 3 free edits in the drafting stage. Edits after that will be +$2 USD each and edits will rarely be allowed after the drafting stage unless I drew something wrong. Once the commissioner has confirmed the drafts, no edits will be made apart from colour palettes. If I forgot to include something or did not follow the reference images correctly, I will fix it if you alert me to it. Small edits may be allowed in some circumstances but please make sure you're happy with what's in the drafts when you approve them, and clear about what you want in the commission. Big changes such as pose / composition / outfits etc will definitely not be allowed once I have started colouring. Please be aware that the poses and composition might change a little from the drafting stage but only because I will clean it up further and try to adjust it to be better.

Progress : I'll send you the comission process at the end of the drafting stage for approval and adjustments. I will send a few more progress shots for color palette approval and at the finishing stages.

Time : Some simple commissions can be completed in a matter of days, but they will be made in payment order (simple commissions like ko-fi commissions might be done quicker). With this in mind, commissions may have an average wait time of 2-6 weeks depending on what commissions are lined up and how busy I am (guaranteed to be completed within 2 months maximum). More complex commissions may require a longer wait time than simpler commissions due to the increased back and forth communication between myself and the customer. If you have a deadline that requires a quick turnaround time, please say so when filling out the commission template and your commission can be prioritised in the queue for an additional fee.

Finished pieces : The completed commissions will be sent to the commissioner in high res either through email or a stash link. Please reply to confirm upon receiving your commission. You are free to upload it to your social media, but please credit and retain my signature. If you do not want me to upload your commission to my social media accounts, please tell me beforehand. If you wish to print the comission later, tell me beforehand so I can prepare a printing file for you.

Art Usage : I retain rights to my own art to display them as commission samples, portfolios etc. Commissions are not for commercial usage unless they were commissioned for commercial purposes.


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Contact Information:
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Private Message me on Ko-fi
Email me at [email protected]


Title : Commission + [your name/username]

Type of commission : Full body / Halfbody / Bust / Chibi / Custom / emote etc

Type of colouring: Sketch / Flat Colour / Simple Colour / Rendered

Character/s : visual reference of the character/s and be specific about the amount of characters you want drawn (visual refs for inspiration very helpful)

Expression/Mood : it's helpful to give me a description of the character's personality so I can draw them in-character

Pose : visual reference or description or let me decide (as noted in the disclaimer, the price will increase if you request a complex pose/composition)

Payment : Which method you want to use (Paypal, Picpay or bank deposit). Your paypal email/picpay username so I can send you an invoice. Let me know if you'd like to pay all upfront (with this option I can send you high res progress shots) or 50% deposit (I will send you low res progress shots and will only send the high res final product upon receiving full payment). If paying through ko-fi, this is unnecessary.

Additional : deadlines (if applicable will entail additional fees for fast turnaround), background, other notes etc


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